About Us

Dedicated in June 2003, the 25,000-square-foot Reta and Bill Haynes '46 Coastal Engineering Laboratory at Texas A&M University brings ocean and estuarine environments into a laboratory setting where engineers, researchers and educators can tackle the most challenging problems of near-shore, offshore and estuarine regions.

The large-scale, specialized testing capabilities model coastal, dredging, hydraulic, and offshore processes. We offer all the resources needed for coastal, dredging and offshore studies, from equipment to research expertise to technical support.

Education is an important part of the Haynes Lab, providing hands-on opportunities for learning and research for graduate and undergraduate students in the Coastal and Ocean Engineering Division, Ocean Engineering Program and Texas A&M.

The Haynes Lab is located in the Texas A&M University Research Park, also home to the neighboring multi-institutional Offshore Technology Research Center and worldwide Integrated Ocean Drilling Program headquarters. A deepwater facility, the OTRC has a wave basin that is available for deepwater testing. Together with these two facilities, the Haynes Laboratory is the only place in the United States to offer complete and complementary facilities and resources for the testing needs of coastal, dredging and offshore systems.