Equipment and Instrumentation

A 3-ton overhead crane services both the 3-D basin and the tow-dredge tank, and an instrument carriage spans the shallow water basin. All valves, pumps, and weir gates are electronically controlled from the data acquisition room. Operator control is via computer or manual, and an observation well provides underwater viewing for both basin and tank.

List of Equipment and Instrumentation:
1 ATMI load cell (6 degrees of freedom, 500 in-lb)
4 Axial flow pumps for current generation (35,000 GPM)
1 Clamshell (0.75 cubic yard capacity)
1 Cutter drive and torque sensor
2 Cutters (12 inch)
1 Data acquisition system (40 channel)
2 Data acquisition systems (8 channel)
1 Dredge pump (500 GPM)
1 Fork Lift (2 ton)
1 Front end loader (Bobcat)
1 Hopper barge (15 cubic yard capacity)
1 Instrument carriage on rails for wave basin
1 Laser profiler
3 Load cells (100, 200 and 300 lb)
6 Load cells on dredge carriage ladder (3000 lb)
1 Magnetic flow meter on dredge carriage
1 Model Dredge (4 in suction, 3 inch discharge, 500 GPM)
4 Nortek Vectrino acoustic Doppler current meters (all 3D)
1 Nuclear density gauge on dredge carriage
1 Observation well with windows into both tanks
1 Overhead crane (3 ton)
2 Pansonic video cameras (records to DVD)
1 Qualisys portable optical motion tracking system (4 cameras)
1 Rexroth multidirectional wave generator (48 paddles)
4 Sontek acoustic Doppler current meters (2 – 2D and 2 – 3D)
2 Still digital cameras (1 Nikon and 1 Canon)
1 T-bar soil strength test device
1 Tow/dredge carriage (max speed 4 knots) for towing tank
1 TriFlo sand-water separation system (120 GPM)
2 Underwater cameras and underwater lights
24 Wave gauges (capacitance, resistance)
2 Web cams for laboratory observation

Shallow water (3-D) wavebasin

Two-dimensional tow-dredge tank

Complimentary facility