Industry & Researchers

You’ve done the analyses modeling and computer modeling studies. Now you want to test your design in a physical modeling laboratory. That’s where we come in.

New systems for resource extraction. Predicting erosion of sediments. Renewable wind and wave energy. Rehabilitating marine structures. When you need to see if it works, our specialized facilities are available for contract research and model testing.

Whether you’re with a company, university or government agency, if your business involves rivers, ports, coastal protection and erosion, ship resistance and motions, modeling of breakwaters, jetties, and other coastal and port structures, modeling cutterhead dredges, hopper dredges, resuspension of sediments, and other dredging activities, moveable base modeling, Towing vessels, anchors, and other floating bodies, or measuring motions of floating systems with optical motion tracking equipment— we can help.

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